01/11/2023: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Chooses ‘Proxy’ for Legal Department Transformation

San Francisco (DATE, 2021) – The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has selected Proxy as one of three initial solutions to enable digital transformation of the bank’s legal department.

Since 2020, the San Francisco Fed’s Legal Department has undertaken a robust modernization program to improve and streamline delivery of legal services for the bank’s various stakeholders. The Fed was initially excited about Proxy’s potential for enabling its attorneys to track, delegate and prioritize tasks for both the legal projects they manage in-house. Through months of testing, Go Live, customization, and use, Proxy has lived up to that initial potential.

Proxy’s lightweight and intuitive interface has been key to the Fed’s success. User adoption is always a challenge when introducing any new technology tool to a group of lawyers. Proxy’s flexibility and ability to meet the Fed’s in-house attorneys where they already work has proven to be a real benefit for adoption and use.

Daniel Farris, NMBL Founder and “Chief Man in Suit,” was immediately excited by the opportunity to work with the San Francisco Fed.

Fed leadership also reports that NMBL’s responsiveness, attention, and willingness to support Proxy in the Fed’s unique environment has also set NMBL and Proxy apart.

Farris sees the SF Fed’s Proxy implementation as a potential model for how other forward-thinking legal departments might adopt the platform, especially if the current remote-work environment continues. “Proxy has allowed the San Francisco Fed’s attorneys to remain productive and on top of their legal projects, even as their lawyers are working remotely unexpectedly. We’re proud that Proxy is a part of the Fed’s leading edge approach to managing the critically important work its attorneys do,” Farris said.

Farris added that NMBL is seeing increased interest and adoption of Proxy as virtual work continues, noting, “With remote collaboration tools that are intuitive, easy to integrate with other existing software, and that provide greater accountability, transparency and control, Proxy offers a solution that in-house counsel desperately need right now.”

About the Company

NMBL Technologies was founded in 2018 by three Am Law 100 technology and intellectual property attorneys and two of their tech industry counterparts. The company released its first product, Proxy, a cloud-based legal ops and workflow management tool for in-house corporate legal departments in 2020. The company’s goal is to disrupt the existing legal services model by improving efficiency and giving in-house lawyers greater control over their projects, documents, and stakeholder relationships. For more information, visit www.proxylegalapp.com.

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