Commercial Contracting

How much time and money is your commercial contracting process costing your company? Commercial contracting does not need to be the grueling task it too often is.

Draft, negotiate, and manage contracts from start to finish.

Whether it’s getting approvals and signatures in minutes (not months) or never worrying about misplacing a contract again, simplify it all with Proxy.

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Manage cases from pre-filing through discovery to trial and appeal.

Litigation is about winning. But it’s also about not losing your mind. Be one step ahead of your opponent and in line with your outside counsel by always having the deadlines, discovery needs, and all the litigation essentials at your fingertips.

Litigation can be a headache. Let Proxy be your ibuprofen. (Sorry, we’re still working on our wordplay.)

Intellectual Property

It is time to do more than just track deadlines and have spreadsheets of live (and probably dead) trademarks and patents. Actively manage your IP portfolio, whether big or small.

It is time for companies to both grow and leverage IP. Your company has incredibly smart and talented employees, but this can be wasted if they do not have the opportunity to present their ideas. Use Proxy as a collaboration tool to uncover those ideas!

Already have a sizeable IP portfolio? Use Proxy again as a collaboration tool to find new markets for your technology or novel licensing ideas. It’s time to efficiently work together!

Compliance & Regulatory

Compliance is about being right. Use Proxy to help your team assess enterprise risk and manage global compliance programs across your entire company, regardless of whether you’re tracking hundreds or tens of thousands of policies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Proxy has all the features and functionalities necessary to close your next big deal – and all the small ones!

Supervise diligence, track LOIs, and negotiate to close all in Proxy’s lightweight solution. From prospecting potential deals and deal management to due diligence and tracking your post-merger analytics, let Proxy be your M&A sidekick.

Labor & Employment

Proxy can be your L&E home base. Coordinate applicants, hiring, HR, and benefits all in one place, while also following the latest developments in statute and case law.

Easily track your most important details, including start and end dates of employment, previous settlements, pensions and other retirement benefits, and literally everything else. Your team is constantly flexible; Proxy is the same way.