Organization & Management

Know the Status of Everything

Use Proxy’s Dashboard to track the status of your most important tasks, deadlines, and documents, all at a glance.

Manage it All

Proxy allows you to prioritize and manage ad hoc requests and formal projects all in a single interface.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Create, update, and delegate tasks from email, or simply drag and drop documents – Proxy adheres to the ways you work.

Get One-Touch Updates

Request updates on key projects, workflows, and tasks with the click of a button. Highlight a task to see its history and status.

Organize Your World

Group tasks into workflows and workflows into projects, see global due dates, manage user permissions, and keep your documents organized.

Task Management


Control Urgency and Importance

Eliminate squeaky wheels and fire drills, and provide business users with status updates using importance rankings and due date tracking.

Work The Way You Want

Control your own To Do list and ranks tasks however you like, regardless of priority or due date.

See Only What Matters

Filter tasks by Importance, Urgency, Priority, or view only those tasks associated with a specific workflow or project.

Update Things Easily

Update a task’s priority, due date, or status, delegate it to another user, and request progress updates, all from your To Do list.


Delegation & Workload Balancing

Right-Click, Assigned

Proxy makes it easy to stay on-track. Delegate any task to a team member, outside counsel, or within the organization with the click of a mouse in Proxy or your email.

Load Balance, and Not the Tech Kind

Use Proxy’s built-in reporting tools to monitor and balance the workloads of internal and external team members. Avoid burnout or bottlenecks by easily reassigning tasks.

Always Know What’s Up

Never search email again to find the latest update on a matter. Use the task history and audit trail to track progress, or ping the task owner with one click.

Eliminate Annoying Status Requests

Proxy provides a ticketing-style request and reporting system for non-legal personnel, so you won’t have to answer the age-old question: “what’s the status on that thing?”

Workload Balancing

Reporting & Search

Find Stuff, Fast

Proxy’s global search bar allows you to search Projects, Workflows, Tasks, and Documents at any time.

Did I Say That?

Probably. But you will never find it in email. Use the Discussion thread and Proxy’s audit trail to find it in a Task detail.

How Can We Justify Legal ROI?

Need a report showing everything the in-house legal team is working on? There’s a report for that.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Empower greater self-service amongst key internal stakeholders and build custom reports that provide users with key intel.


Legal Intake & Service Desk

Standardize Requests for Legal Support

Proxy provides a standard intake funnel for new legal requests from internal and external stakeholders using a simple web- based ticketing system. Oh, and it works with email too.

Stop Acting Like an Air Traffic Controller

Put an end to the “what’s the status of my matter” emails. Empower business leaders and other company personnel to self-serve using Proxy’s Service Desk feature.

Protect Confidentiality and Privilege

Ditch email and ensure secure communications and document sharing with external stakeholders through Proxy’s Service Desk. Always know who is on the receiving end of messages.

Get What You Need, Before You Start

With customizable intake forms, Proxy can help legal teams collect all of the relevant information and materials they need from the business before the lawyers start working.


Integrations Galore

Like Salesforce for Legal

Proxy doesn’t do it all. No, Proxy is the glue that binds all of the applications you use, creating a single source of truth.

Harness the Power of APIs

Proxy is built to integrate with just about anything. If we don’t integrate with a tool you like, we’ll build the API for it.

Lightweight Microservices

Proxy is built on a lightweight microservices architecture. That means you can integrate Proxy features in other applications.

Document Linking

There is no need to use Proxy’s onboard DMS if you don’t want to. Keep documents where they are and link to them in Proxy.

Document & Data Security

At NMBL Technologies, we take privacy and data security seriously. Like really seriously. After all, our Founders are privacy attorneys for AmLaw 100 and Global 20 law firms, software engineers, and network administrators. This isn’t “built by lawyers for lawyers.” Proxy uses industry best practices information security standards, privacy by design concepts, and third party verification to ensure that your documents and data remain safe.